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COVID-19 Update: Wastewater detection

Department of the Chief Minister and Cabinet

Viral fragments have been detected in wastewater samples taken from the Ludmilla Treatment Plant on 14 July 2021 as part of our surveillance program in the NT.

The detection of viral fragments in wastewater can come from someone who has recovered from COVID-19, and while no longer infectious can shed fragments of the virus.

The Centre for Disease Control has confirmed that there are people who have recently been at the Centre for National Resilience in Howard Springs that live in this area and are likely shedding the virus fragments following their recovery. These people are not infectious and there is no risk to the community.

Further testing of wastewater across Darwin and in the Ludmilla catchment will be undertaken to monitor the situation. 

As always, it is important for everyone to get tested for COVID-19 if showing any symptoms such as a cough, fever, shortness of breath, muscle aches, change in taste or smell and a sore throat.

The Ludmilla Treatment Plant catchment area includes the following suburbs:

·       Bayview

·       Cullen Bay

·       Darwin

·       Darwin Waterfront

·       Dinah Beach

·       Fannie Bay

·       Ludmilla

·       Parap

·       Tipperary Waters

·       Winnellie

·       Woolner

To arrange a COVID test please book online or contact the COVID-19 Hotline on 1800 490 484

Make sure you also use The Territory Check In App and check in everywhere, every time, no matter how long you spend there. Checking-in assists our health teams to quickly undertake contact tracing if required.

The risk of COVID-19 in our communities cannot be eliminated which is why it is important for everyone to follow all health directions.

  • Book your COVID-19 vaccine 
  • If you have symptoms, stay away from others and get tested for COVID-19.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water and use hand sanitiser regularly.
  • Do not go to work if you feel sick.
  • Maintain a physical distance of 1.5 metres where possible.