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Fisho fights off croc to bag $10,000 barra

Northern Territory Major Events Company

Territorian Brian Ahrens has found himself $10,000 richer after hooking a Million Dollar Fish Season 6 red-tagged barramundi on Friday morning - while fighting off a crocodile.

Within half an hour of launching his boat at Bridge Lagoon, the Humpty Doo local was reeling in a 68cm barra with a 2m saltwater croc in hot pursuit.

With no one else to help him net the prized catch or distract the hungry salty, Mr Ahrens said he was lucky to get the barra in the boat in one piece.

The long-time Territorian said the $10,000 would be useful to help pay off his mortgage.

Million Dollar Fish Season 6 only launched a month ago, and already seven tagged fish have been caught.

A total of $75,000 in prize money has been won by registered participants across the Territory and Australia.

There are still five months to go as part of Million Dollar Fish Season 6, with 94 $10,000 barra remaining in the competition.

In addition, there are seven $1 million barra (if the $1 million fish is caught, the remaining six turn into $10,000 fish) and four Double-Tagged Barra worth $10,000 to the lucky fisho and $5,000 to their mate.

There are also 20 $5,000 charity fish yet to be caught, which will see $2,500 awarded to the angler and $2,500 to the winner’s Million Dollar Fish affiliated charity of choice.

Registered participants of Million Dollar Fish also go in the Lucky Prize Pool, with thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes to be won each month.

To register for the chance to become a millionaire, go to

Quotes from Northern Territory Major Events Company CEO Tim Watsford:

“We couldn’t be happier with how successful Million Dollar Fish Season 6 has been so far, with seven fishos catching prize-tagged barramundi in just the first month of the competition.

“I’d like to congratulate Humpty Doo local Brian Ahrens on reeling in his prized catch all while competing with one of Bridge Lagoon’s hungry salties.

“With still plenty of time to catch the Million Dollar Fish, I would encourage everyone to register for Million Dollar Fish for the chance to bag the catch of your life.”

Quotes from SportsBet External Affairs Manager Brad Fanning:

“What a crazy year it’s been and what a crazy start to Million Dollar Fish. On behalf of SportsBet, we are thrilled to be handing another lucky fisho a cheque for $10,000.

“Catching barramundi is a challenging task in itself, let alone when you have a croc to contend with. I think Brian Ahrens has well and truly earned his $10,000 cheque!

“There’s no doubt this is the biggest and best season of Million Dollar Fish so far and I look forward to awarding more cash prizes to locals and visitors alike.

“Australia’s richest fishing competition keeps getting better and better each year, so get out there and wet a line for the chance to become a millionaire.”

Quotes from Winning Fisho Brian Ahrens:

“I’ve been living in the Territory for 13 years and almost always go fishing at Bridge Lagoon. I decided to take the boat out on Friday morning and, within half an hour of launching, I was onto a red tag.

“A croc seemed very interested in him and had a bit of a go at the fish. As I wound him in I saw the croc on the surface chasing it.

“I was so excited when I saw the red tag, but trying to land it by myself was a bit of a challenge – I was glad to eventually get it in the boat!”

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