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Commissioner unveils anti-violence prisoner art work

Visitors to the Darwin Correctional Precinct will now see an outstanding example of how prisoners have engaged in an anti-domestic violence program with the unveiling of a new prisoner art work.

The art installation project involved more than 30 male and female prisoners in the Darwin Correctional Centre as part of the No More campaign and were involved in all stages from the original design to the construction, painting, landscaping and installation. 

No More is a grassroots campaign founded by ABC sports commentator Charlie King in 2008 to create a future free from family violence.

NT Correctional Services Commissioner Scott McNairn says he is impressed by the way prisoners have responded to rehabilitation programs that are aimed at helping men and women develop ways of resolving conflict that do not involve violence.

‘The Territory has alarmingly high rates of violent crimes, and one of the highest rates of domestic violence in Australia’, Mr McNairn says. ‘The human cost is enormous and it impacts everyone from families to whole communities.

‘The vast majority of prisoners in NT correctional facilities are there because their most serious crime is violence against another person.

‘Correctional Services welcomes the opportunity to work with the No More campaign team to deliver important rehabilitation programs that will help prisoners make better decisions when they finish their sentences and return to the community.

‘The No More initiatives also support prisoners to care and look after families in a positive way which in turn helps develop a sense of self-worth and pride’.

Correctional Services is also progressing a major reform program which will improve prisoner rehabilitation and support services.

Mr King says men need to stand up as individuals and in groups within their community and take ownership for finding solutions to family violence.

‘Using a team sport like football brings men together and provides a platform where men can talk about issues and share solutions to help drive and reinforce long term changes,’ Mr King says.

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