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Chef catches the Tasty 10th prized fish of Season 3

Just over a month into season three of the Million Dollar Fish competition which runs up to February 2018, ten lucky fisho’s have now matched season one which held the record for ten $10,000 fish reeled in.

Jack Higgott, a 19-year-old chef living and working at Cooinda Lodge at Kakadu, said he couldn’t believe his eyes when he reeled in the tagged barra.

“I’d had a long day and thought I’d go for a quick fish to relax, so was pretty excited to spot the tag,” Jack said.

“I normally throw all my fish back, and spotted the tag just in time. I was only out for about 45 minutes and it was the only fish I caught.

“It was probably one of the best days I’ve ever had. Winning $10,000 is just not something you expect when you go out for a fish.

“The best part about living out here at Kakadu is being able to go fishing pretty much every day, so I’m going to use the money to fix my boat and hopefully catch the Million Dollar Barra. I think I’ll also get my sister something nice for her 21st.

The fish didn’t go to waste, with Jack making the most of his culinary skills and turning it into a crispy skinned barra with mango and mint salad.

“It’s the perfect dish for the tropics, particularly at this time of year with so many mangos around.”

Department of Tourism and Culture CEO Alastair Shields congratulated Jack on being the 10th fisho to hook a prize-tagged fish.

“I encourage all anglers and their families to come to the Territory, try their luck at catching the Million Dollar Fish and enjoy our unique tourism experiences while they’re here,” Mr Shields said.

The Million Dollar Fish competition is a great initiative that has helped boost the NT’s reputation as the best place in the world to stay, play and fish and lure more visitors to the Territory during the wet season from October to February.

In Season 3 of the competition, 101 barramundi have been tagged and released across the Territory with 100 carrying $10,000 cash prize tags. That means there are still 90 $10,000 barra's lurking and the prized Million Dollar Fish to be caught, plus a haul of prizes to be won just by registering for the competition.

So if you want to wet a line on the chance you can win, register for free on  and book a holiday to the NT today.

The Million Dollar Fish competition attracts approximately 40,000 interstate visitors to the Top End for fishing each year, as well as an additional 40,000 Territorians that travel to fish across the year.

CrownBet CEO Matt Tripp said he couldn’t believe that ten fish have already been caught so early in to the competition.

“It looks like we’re definitely going to be breaking the record of the most fish caught in any season, and who knows… the million might be next," Mr Tripp said.

“Season 1 saw 10 prize-tagged barramundi worth $10,000 each caught, season 2 reeled in eight $10,000 barra’s with this latest catch of number 10 for season 3 the competition has had a total of $280,000 in cash awarded.”

Season 3 of the Million Dollar Fish competition runs from 1 October 2017 until the end of February 2018 and participants must register online at for their chance to win a prized barra or one of the sponsors’ prizes.

For information on NT fishing regulations and best practice catch and release methods download the free Northern Territory (NT) Fishing Mate app on your smart phone.

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Jack serves up his winning fish
Jack with his $10,000 cheque


Jack serves up his winning fish

Jack won $10,000