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Inspection of public housing properties for asbestos

The Department of Housing and Community Development is conducting an inspection of its properties built before 1983 to check for asbestos-containing material to update its asbestos database.

Independent licensed asbestos contractors are being engaged to inspect urban public housing properties, check for asbestos-containing material, assess the condition of any such material, and determine ongoing management.

The department is contacting tenants in properties built before 1983 to notify them of the upcoming inspections.

Houses built in Australia before 1983 may have asbestos-containing material which was commonly used in building practices at the time.

The department covers all costs relating to inspections, samples and removals.

 “The department takes the health and safety of tenants and staff seriously” said Deputy CEO Jim Bamber. “These inspections ensure the department’s information is up to date and in line with current requirements for asbestos legislation. The department has a number of properties built before 1983 so it is important these are periodically checked.”

“This is also a timely reminder that if public housing tenants wish to alter or modify their public housing property, they must seek permission from the department first.” 

Tenants can contact the department for more information on 1800 104 076 or visit

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