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*Clarification* Saltwater Crocodile Trapped at Litchfield National Park

*Please note the correct figure for the number of saltwater crocodiles trapped by PWCNT in 2017 is 60 compared to 42 this time last year.


The Parks and Wildlife Commission NT (PWCNT) has trapped a 3.3m saltwater crocodile in Litchfield National Park.

The male salty was caught in the Lower Cascade waterway which is currently closed for swimming.

PWCNT Chief Wildlife Ranger Tommy Nichols said Rangers had a report of people swimming in the closed Wangi Falls at the weekend.

“The restrictions and closures are in place because of the danger of crocodiles and flooding, seeing people ignore the warnings is extremely frustrating.” 

“We urge everyone to Be Crocwise and stay out of waterways, rivers, creeks and causeway crossings. Saltwater Crocodiles are on the move and can be in areas they wouldn’t normally be, like the swimming holes in Litchfield,” said Mr Nichols.

152 Saltwater crocodiles have been trapped by PWCNT this financial year and 180 were caught during the 2015/16 financial year.

Rangers say trappings have spiked in recent weeks.

“Sightings are becoming more frequent and the number of trappings is increasing steadily,” said Mr Nichols.

For up-to-date information regarding access to parks and reserves administered by the Parks and Wildlife Commission visit The Northern Territory Be Crocwise strategy can be viewed online at 

To report saltwater crocodile sightings in the Darwin region phone 0419 822 859 or in the Katherine region phone 0407 958 405. 

Media contact Department of Tourism and Culture – Parks and Wildlife I Media Manager:  0476 844 832