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Precautionary Advice for Drinking Water - Yarralin Community

A precautionary advice for drinking water (water boil alert) was issued today for the Yarralin Community, also known as Walangeri, following advice from the Power and Water Corporation that water chlorination equipment is not working. Water supplies in all remote communities are chlorinated to provide protection against bacterial contamination.

Xavier Schobben, Department of Health Director Environmental Health, advised that remedial measures were being taken by Power and Water staff to ensure that the water supply will be safe to drink as soon as possible.

“In the meantime as a precautionary measure, the Department of Health recommends that water for drinking, food preparation and oral hygiene be obtained from either packaged bottled water or by boiling tap water and allowing to cool prior to use.”

Work is now underway by Power and Water Corporation to repair the chlorination system and ensure maximum disinfection occurs to kill any bacteria present.

“Testing will continue to monitor the safety of the water today and the water boil alert is expected to be lifted this week pending the return of satisfactory water testing results,” Mr Schobben said.

“Anyone who has concerns can contact the department’s Environmental Health hotline during business hours on toll free 1800 095 646 or mobile 0438 856 087.”

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