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Statement: NT Department of Health

The Department of Health acknowledges the PFAS Preliminary Sampling Program report from Defence.

The Department is committed to continuing to work with the NT PFAS interagency working group. 

The Department has also strongly encouraged Defence to continue with extensive testing without delay.

The University of Queensland is currently undertaking a study to consider the wider impact of PFAS in the environment.  When available, we will extrapolate their findings and determine any impact.  At this stage it is still considered a low risk.

Early results have been received for Katherine water supply and indicate there are low levels of PFAS in ground water. These results are within the acceptable range of the current  interim Australian guidelines.  Finalised results are expected within the coming weeks.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand are developing health based guidelines for PFAS in food.  Interim advice should be available by the end 2016.

We are anticipating the NT PFAS Interagency working group, including Defence, will meet as a matter of urgency.

Attribute Xavier Schobben, Director Environmental Health, Department of Health.


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