Northern Territory Government Newsroom

Statement: Be Crocwise

Parks and Wildlife Commission of the NT (PWCNT) CEO, Andrew Bridges has slammed the actions of tourists who were seen canoeing in crocodile infested waters at Shady Camp.

Nine News yesterday showed footage of a person canoeing with their great-grandson in the Top End waterway.

“While I fully appreciate the benefits their great grandson will gain from spending time in the unique natural areas of the NT, I cannot in any way condone the high risk his great grandparents are taking by canoeing with him at Shady Camp given the known high density of salt water crocodiles,” Mr Bridges said.  

“This is not a safe thing to do and PWCNT do not support these actions.

“The risk in this situation is real; the consequence could be death; and to risk that consequence, especially with a child on board, is both unacceptable and avoidable. 

“I appreciate the person or persons who raised this matter as the Commission relies heavily on the community to help try and ensure people behave in a Be Crocwise manner and don’t take unacceptable risks.

“PWCNT encourages everyone to Be Crocwise around all waterways in the Top End. Remember the smaller the boat, the greater the risk and crocodiles will see you before you see them, so don’t risk your life.”