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Saltwater crocodile sighting is a reminder to Be Crocwise

Parks and Wildlife Commission NT (PWCNT) rangers have identified a saltwater crocodile in the Katherine River after receiving reports from members of the public.

PWCNT spokesperson said the confirmed sighting of a saltwater crocodile was spotted between the high level bridge and the low level bridge on the night of Tuesday 10 May.

“Rangers have strategically placed extra traps in the Katherine River between the high level bridge and Manbulloo Homestead,” the spokesperson said.

The crocodile was last seen by rangers last Wednesday night during a night time spotlight survey.

“Saltwater crocodiles are an evasive species which can make it difficult to capture the croc by boat,” the spokesperson said.

“A high stream rise on Thursday 12 May has also made efforts to relocate the crocodile difficult, but rangers are continuing regular survey patrols in hopes to locate and remove the crocodile from the area.

“The sighting of a saltwater crocodile in the Katherine River highlights the importance of the Be Crocwise messaging.

“Territorians have a great outdoor lifestyle with many people living and participating in recreation activities in and near the water.  

“If you are going camping please ensure you camp at least 50 metres from the river’s edge, dispose of food scraps, fish offal and other waste in bins away from your campsite and ensure you never leave fish frames, scraps or bait at your campsite.

“People fishing from the bank are urged to stand at least five metres from the water’s edge.

“And if you’re fishing from a boat always use a net to retrieve your catch and don’t dangle your arms or legs over the side of the boat.

“PWCNT would like to remind the public that saltwater crocodiles are ambush predators, so do not become complacent and please remain vigilant at all times.”

Visit our Be Crocwise website for further information.

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