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Territorians reminded to Be Crocwise

The public are reminded to Be Crocwise around all Top End waterways after a man was admitted to Katherine hospital with bite wounds to his foot on Monday.

The 19 year old man told hospital staff that a crocodile had bitten him on the foot on Monday morning while he was camping about 15 metres from a river.

Parks and Wildlife Commission of the NT (PWCNT) spokesperson said this was a timely reminder for everyone in the Top End to Be Crocwise and be vigilant around Territory waterways.

“The rangers were unable to interview the man and inspect the bite marks before he was discharged from hospital, however PWCNT hope to speak to him soon,” the spokesperson said.

“Without this information it is hard to judge exactly what size the crocodile was which has bitten him, however from photos that we have seen we have estimated it to be a 2.5 metre crocodile. We cannot confirm if this was a saltwater or freshwater crocodile.

“Without knowing the full details of this situation, it is hard to be able to identify the details of this specific crocodile.

“As the dry season is upon us, more and more people will venture out to camp in the wonderful places in the Top End and we urge campers to Be Crocwise at all times.

“Please ensure you camp at least 50 metres from the river’s edge, dispose of food scraps, fish offal and other waste in bins away from your campsite and ensure you never leave fish frames, scraps or bait at your campsite.

“Education is critical in keeping people safe, so Parks and Wildlife will continue to place a high priority on pushing our Be Crocwise program.

“People need to Be Crocwise and understand how to enjoy our water safely as it could mean the difference between life and death. There is no room for complacency when it comes to crocodiles.”

Visit our Be Crocwise website for further information.