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Berry Springs opens for swimming

The Parks and Wildlife Commission of the NT advises that Berry Springs Nature Park will be open for swimming from today.

District Parks Manager, Nigel Weston, said Parks and Wildlife rangers have spent the past week undertaking water quality testing and crocodile surveys to ensure the popular swimming spot was safe to reopen in time for the long weekend.

“After the poor Wet season we have had, and lack of rain, the water levels have dropped to a safe level much earlier and the clarity of the water has improved allowing us to complete crocodile surveys,” Mr Weston said.

“Surveys are undertaken to ensure no saltwater crocodiles have moved into the area over the wet season before we reopen for swimming.

“Berry Springs is seasonally closed over the wet season when monsoonal rains, strong water flow and the increased risk of saltwater crocodiles entering the system make it unsafe for swimming.

“We continue to undertake regular crocodile surveys throughout the Dry Season in addition to the four traps set up in the Berry Springs creek system.

“Visitors are urged to observe signage at the park including glass restrictions in and around the swimming areas, place rubbish in the bins provided, and not enter restricted areas.

“The Parks and Wildlife Commission of the NT urges the public to BE CROCWISE and only ever swim in designated areas.

“Crocodiles will see you before you see them. Croc danger is real, don’t risk your life.”

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