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Asbestos removal at Royal Darwin Hospital campus

Works in scrubland at the Royal Darwin Hospital campus have uncovered what appears to be old construction debris that contains fragments of asbestos material.

Royal Darwin Hospital acting general manager Val Tuckett said it is not known when or where the debris came from but it is suspected to be remnants of Cyclone Tracy clean-up or construction debris from many years ago.

The Top End Health Service, along with the Department of Infrastructure, isolated the affected area and notified NT Worksafe. An expert asbestos hygienist has been appointed to provide specialist advice on ensuring the affected area is safe.

“We are taking all necessary precautions to ensure patients, visitors, staff and contractors on the campus are safe at all times,” Ms Tuckett said.

“The Department of Infrastructure has engaged a licensed asbestos removalist to clear the material from the site. All works will be carried out under removal plans approved by NT Worksafe and the hygienist will also be involved during the removal process.”

Removal works are expected to start early next week. The area the debris was found is to be used for temporary buildings as part of construction works at Royal Darwin Hospital.

Investigative audits are also planned to identify if asbestos is in any other areas of the bushland on the campus which require removal.

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