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Asbestos Removal Continues at Casuarina Coastal Reserve

Asbestos removal has resumed at Rapid Creek Beach within the Casuarina Coastal Reserve.

Parks and Wildlife Commission NT (PWCNT) Northern Australian Parks Director Neva McCartney said asbestos containing material was identified on Darwin beaches including Rapid Creek a few years ago and that removal had since been undertaken.

“Public safety is our top priority and that’s why we implemented an asbestos management plan requiring regular removal of asbestos from Casuarina Coastal Reserve,” Ms McCartney said.

"This bonded asbestos material is safe if left alone but the risk to the public is created if it’s disturbed so removing fragments of this once popular building material is a top priority.”

Asbestos was dumped across much of Darwin following World War II and Cyclone Tracy and started washing up on some Darwin beaches in 2011.

The material is occasionally found in the inter-tidal zone, particularly along the high tide line, and today’s removal has been timed to occur between the high and low tide times during the day.

“We ask people to keep out of marked asbestos removal areas at all times,” Ms McCartney said.

“Clean-up of this asbestos is an ongoing process and permanent signs have been erected to warn the public not to touch pieces of material that could be asbestos.

“Licensed asbestos removalists will wear masks, gloves and overalls to protect them while this next round of asbestos removal takes place and air monitors will also be erected to measure if any free fibres can be detected in the vicinity while work is undertaken.

“Works will also be supervised by an independent licensed asbestos assessor to ensure works are conducted in accordance with work health and safety requirements.

“The Parks and Wildlife Commission NT will continue to monitor the presence of asbestos on the beach and conduct further clean-ups as required.”




Media note – For further information/interviews please contact Chief District Ranger Dean McAdam on 0418828471


Issued: 7am Monday, 28 September 2015