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Pharmacy led immunisation pilot to commence

A 12-month pilot, which will allow appropriately trained NT pharmacists to administer influenza, measles mumps and rubella, adult diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus vaccines to eligible adults over the age of 16 years will begin in June 2015.

The Department of Health in consultation with key pharmacy and health care organisations have developed a set of education and practice requirements to enable pharmacists to provide a safe and effective immunisation service in the NT.

Pharmacists will commence training this month and will be required to undergo additional training in order to participate in the pilot, ensuring safe and effective delivery of immunisations to eligible clients.

The training will ensure pharmacists:

Professor Dinesh Arya, the Department of Health Chief Medical Officer, said pharmacist led immunisation services in Queensland and internationally have led to increased access and have given greater flexibility for members of the community who require vaccination services.

“We are keen to explore whether a similar process is likely to be advantageous in the NT. Learnings from this pilot will inform the Department as to structure and requirements of on-going pharmacist-led immunisation services in the NT,” said Professor Arya.

People with particular medical conditions, allergies and pregnant women will be referred to a primary health care professional for their vaccines.

Further information on additional training and protocols for the pilot can be found at

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